To book and request information on rates you must send an email to:

Specifying: name / surname, number of persons, origin (Refuge previous to our or starting point), destination (Refuge following), if you are members of the alpine club (CAI, CAF, DAV, etc …) or not.

Or call the number +39 371 4579535 during the closing period of the shelter or call +39 0121/91760 (Refuge) during the opening period.

Il Rifugio snc.
Via Indiritto 11/2, 10060 Villar Pellice (Turin) Italy
(+39) 371 4579535

Bank transfer from Italy
Unicredit banca agenzia di Torre Pellice

Bank transfer from abroad
Unicredit banca agenzia di Torre Pellice

Please, specify Name, Surname and the date of booking, ever.


  • BOOKING: thanks for booking your breakfast, diner and nights spent in the refuge and for letting us know of your special needs.
  • NIGHTS: use of a personal sleeping bag is compulsory; you can also rent one from the refuge.
  • COOKING: thanks for communicating in advance any food intolerance so we can prepare alternative meals; we remind you that all the food in our refuge is brought either by helicopter or by foot.
  • WATER: water is a precious common good; please, do not spoil it.
  • PORTABLE STOVES: for obvious safety reasons, use of gaz portable stoves is formally forbidden inside the refuge.
  • DOGS: dogs are to be kept on leash outside of the refuge; they cannot stay inside.
  • NIGHTS BY TENTS: you can sleep in your tent wherever you cant as long as the helicopter tracks remain available.