m. 2377
Location: Adrech del Laus
Town of Bobbio Pellice (Turin)

Hut is open

The Battaglione Alpini Monte Granero mountain hut is located near the Lago Lungo (the « long lake », Adrech del Laus) in the high Pellice valley, southern Turin’s province, close by the Regional natural park of Queyras and Mount Viso.

At the foot of Mount Granero and near by the Pellice torrent, the Granero refuge, situated 2,377 meters above sea level, is one of the oldest hut of this Vaud valley. Built in 1926, it was first open on July, 22nd 1928.
The ancient building, of which you can see some pictures in the gallery, could only host 22 people. The hut has now two floors in stonework and can host as many as 50 guests. It is open without interruption from the third week of June to September, 15th (depending on the weather conditions, those dates may be changed).

On the first floor, you will find two large dining rooms with a capacity of more than 60 people, with access to a regular landline phone and a hot line. Hot showers and electricity are provided by a power station built close to the hut in 2005.

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