m. 2377
Località: Adrech del Laus
Comune di Bobbio Pellice (TO)

The Granero refuge is only accessible by foot. You can walk there from three valleys located in Italy and France

Option 1
after Bobbio Pellice, park at the end of the paved road at Villanova and continue on foot, following the signs to “Rifugio Granero”, to get in the morning in the Conca del Pra through the “alternative route” (situated on the right bank of the Pellice). Go through the flat land of the Conca del Pra till the last small houses of the mountain pasture, where you can choose between two paths:

  • on your right, the path of the stones (“sentiero delle pietre”)
  • on your left, the path of the pine trees (“sentiero dei larici”)x

The duration of the walk is equivalent and signs are easily visible.

Option 2
It is also possible to buy a ticket from the bar-trattoria in Villanova, that will allow you to go by car on the passable path till the car park in the beginning of the Conca del Pra following the specific ascent and descent times which can be consulted on the website of the municipality of Bobbio Pellice.

Option 3
Go the Barbara Lowrie refuge (end of the road at the bottom of the Comba Carbonieri) and keep on by foot through the Manzol pass (around 2-3 hours).

Park by Pian del Re (sources of Po), and go the refuge either through Buco di Viso (historical tunnel) and through the Sellierino pass, or through the Armoine passs and then the Manzol pass (around 4 hours).
Leave from Castello (within Pontechianale commune) to get the Vallanta refuge, and go through Vallanta path, Selliere path and go down to Granero refuge.
From Queyras, leaving from the Echalp (within Ristolas commune), the refuge can be accessed within 4hrs1/2, either through the Nalbert path (Vittona path on Italian maps), or through the Seilliere paths.