m. 2377
Location: Adrech del Laus
Town of Bobbio Pellice (Turin)

Hut is open from 23 June 2024

The Monte Granero Alpine Battalion mountain hut, known simply as the Granero Hut, is located near the Lago Lungo (the “long lake”. Adrech del Laus) at the bottom of Val Pellice, about an hour from the French border. At the foot of Mount Granero, at an altitude of m. 2377 is the oldest of the Alpine Refuges. The old part of the structure dates back to 1926 and the inauguration of the same took place on July 22, 1928. Built in masonry (2 floors), the original building had 22 seats. At the turn of the 80s and 90s, the refuge was enlarged with the construction of a new structure capable of accommodating about fifty people inside. The structure is equipped with a public and emergency telephone, hot showers, toilets, electricity and Wi-Fi. The continuity of management has allowed and still allows a continuous improvement of the services offered.